09 February 2012

Let's Go SuperPointers!

I joined SuperPoints in November 2011. It is one of the easiest rewards sites on the web! I cash out every week for FREE Amazon or PayPal e-gift cards. Find out the basics of how to use the program with my SuperPoints Tips page.

The secret to SuperPoints is to get referrals! The more referrals you get the more money you make. I was able to reach Platinum Status, that is 5 referrals, in a few short weeks just by posting links on my Twitter feed and in the SuperPoints forum. There is no need to Spam your link, just be honest and people will sign up!

You must have an invite to join and they have made it even easier by giving each member on customizable referral link. You can also win BONUS invite links on the SuperLucky button.

So are You a SuperPointer yet? If not click my link and join:


After you join be sure to fill out your profile to get the maximum clicks on the SuperLucky button!! It is all about THE BUTTON at SuperPoints! Click the button, invite your friends, and have fun! SuperPoints is having a contest right now to see who can get the most referrals. If you have a blog you NEED to get in on this!

I also want to give a shout out and huge thank you to those of you who have already joined my network! Thank you thank you thank you! Keep up the great work.

Now get out there, click the button, and go go go!

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