SuperPoints Tips

SuperPoints is easy! You can earn FREE PayPal or Amazon gift cards (or other great prizes) for watching Videos, completing Special Offers, doing Tasks or my favorite: clicking the SuperLucky Button. Yes, the SuperLucky Button! You can win up to 300 SuperPoints with one spin!! I reached the Platinum Level with them in less than one month. They have one of the fastest redemption times on the web as well, issuing the prizes every Monday or Tuesday.

Number of prizes from SuperPoints I have won as of 4/30/2012: 20

it's the superlucky button! only at superpoints

After you sign up with my referral link, just follow these simple steps to win FREE gift cards and other prizes.

Five Easy Steps

1) First fill out your profile to maximize your clicks on the SuperLucky button.

2) Browse around the Special Offers for easy points. Get those Videos! Try a Task (in Special Offers under the Matomy tab) or two.

3) Click the SuperLucky button!
 You start out with 30 clicks a day. In addition to SuperPoints (SP's) you can also win referral bonus links to share with someone who signs up under you.

superlucky bonus invite win!

4) Check your email for FREE SuperLucky points, or the coveted 50 SP surveys. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for even more opportunities to win, like the weekly Twitter Trivia!

5) Ask your friends to join to get even more points! When you have 2 Basic Level Referrals, that means they have filled out their profile, you have 50 clicks a day on the SuperLucky button and can redeem prizes at 1000 SP. When you have 5 Basic Level Referrals, you have 100 clicks a day on the SuperLucky button and can redeem prizes at 500 SP. Plus when your referrals win, you win SP too! I was able to reach Platinum Level in few short weeks by posting on Twitter, and in the SuperPoints Facebook Forum. You can do it too!

winning superlucky button screen!

Sign up today with my invite link below:

*SuperPoints is available by invitation only. Occasionally you can win BONUS invite tokens on the SuperLucky button. My latest BONUS invite token(s) are always above when they are available.

$10 Amazon Redemption email

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have fun SuperPointers!

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