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I love Swag Bucks. Period. They are my number one Rewards Program on the web. Since its launch in 2008,  Swag Bucks has awarded more than $21,000,000 in prizes to users. Yes, $21 Million! They paid for all of my Holiday, and a few Birthday gifts last year. Even if you do not have referrals and just visit for a short time each day, you can quickly get enough points to win gift cards (I like PayPal) or prizes.

Number of prizes from Swag Bucks I have won as of 4/12/2012: 58

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Easy Ways to Earn Swag Bucks Quickly

1) Fill out your profile. Connect to Facebook. Their Facebook wall is an amazing source of information and a great place to ask newbie questions. Follow them on Twitter. There is a Swag Bucks Twitter Trivia contest every week! Utilizing social media and the Swag Bucks blog will enable you to hear about and participate in even more opportunities to earn Swag Bucks.

2) Install the toolbar and Swidget, check it out right above. That way you can easily search and check for the coveted Swag Codes! Swag Codes are released sporadically. Never, ever give out a code to anyone (nor post it anywhere)! It is against the rules. You don't want to lose your Swag!

3) Do the Dailies: Take the Daily Poll, Go through the NOSO Path, Play Games, Watch SBTV. I like to watch SBTV from the toolbar. It has a little pop up so you can do other things as well. I LOVE the Zoo Channel.

UPDATE: You can now get 50 SB's per day with the new SBTV mobile app! Only for Android, for now. That is in ADDITION to the SBTV SB's from your computer!! This is huge! 50 x 30 = 1500 SB's per month with an app that auto runs. 1500 SB's = 3 x $5 Amazon Gift e-cards OR 2 x $5 PayPal e-gift cards + change. That is a FREE $10-15 a month. Why wouldn't you do this?

sample winning search page

3) Search! Swag Bucks started as a search and earn site. I have won 5 times in one day just by searching. Make sure you are only doing real searches and not over searching though.

4) Take Surveys, Complete Special Offers, Print Coupons, Trade In, Do Tasks or Spoof a Friend, or Frenemy. Surveys and Special Offers are my bread and butter on Swag Bucks, check those pages often!

5) Shop! Go through the Shop and Earn section to get SB's (Swag Bucks) when you shop online at participating retailers. Or use the Coupons section and get rewarded for saving at the grocery store.

6) Make a Daily Checklist of all these ways to make Swag Bucks! There is ALWAYS another place to earn Swag Bucks on the site. That is what makes it so great. I'm sure you will quickly find your own favorite ways to win there too!

7) After you get comfortable with using the website, set your Daily or Monthly goals, and make that Wishlist from the Swag Store! Before you know it you will be rolling in Swag.

confirmation email for $50 Amazon gift card


Are you ready? Then Sign up for Swag Bucks right now! It is 100% FREE and if you don't like it you lose nothing. I LOVE Swag Bucks and have a feeling that if you give it a chance, use my tips above, you just might fall in love with them too. If you have any questions about Swag Bucks, please let me know!

Happy Swagging!

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