101 FREE Things

101 FREE Things to Do
  1. Laugh. Loudly.
  2. Write a letter.
  3. Write a poem.
  4. Give someone a sincere compliment.
  5. Play with your pet. 
  6. Think of 5 people you are grateful to know.
  7. Take a walk.
  8. Collect 'home decor' outside. i.e. leaves, pine cones, branches.
  9. Stop and smell the roses. Leave them for others to enjoy.
  10. Pick up someone else's litter.
  11. Call your mother.
  12. Clip coupons!
  13. Attend a Free concert, movie night, sporting event.
  14. Cruise the aisles of your local farmer's market.
  15. Take a picture (if you have a cell phone or digital camera of course.)
  16. Imagine.
  17. Write down your 5 year plan.
  18. Organize something. Your purse, drawer, closet, priorities.
  19. Check out a book at the library.
  20. Read a magazine at the library.
  21. Read a child a book.
  22. Plan a date with someone you love.
  23. Find 23 things to donate, recycle or remove from your home.
  24. Clean your room.
  25. Exchange clothes/toys/books/magazines with a friend.
  26. Check on an elderly neighbor.
  27. Smile!
  28. Play a board game, cards.
  29. Take a bike ride down a new street.
  30. Take the long way home.
  31. Do your homework.
  32. Work in your or someone else's garden.
  33. Rake those leaves.
  34. Ask directions.
  35. Exercise!
  36. Meet someone new.
  37. Look up info online about your city.
  38. Get crafty.
  39. Get your kids/significant others opinion on something troubling you.
  40. Return that email.
  41. Organize something else. 
  42. Make an inventory.
  43. Make a spreadsheet for groceries.
  44. Volunteer.
  45. Run a 5k for a cause.
  46. Help someone clean, organize something.
  47. Recycle your magazines, newspapers, office paper.
  48. Wash your mattress pads, pillow covers.
  49. Sweep under the bed.
  50. Watch a movie on TV, computer, from the library.
  51. Vote!
  52. Study the issues in an upcoming election.
  53. Make a care package of things you don't need anymore.
  54. Write a letter to a soldier.
  55. Write a Thank You letter.
  56. Clean all your pet's bedding/toys.
  57. Download a FREE Reward App on your phone.
  58. Enjoy a sunset.
  59. Go swimming.
  60. Reread your favorite book.
  61. Watch silly cat videos!
  62. Look up a new recipe.
  63. Take a free class online.
  64. Go to a museum on their free days.
  65. Make an art project out of things you have on hand.
  66. Clean out the garage.
  67. Create a scavenger hunt in your house or yard.
  68. Write a love song.
  69. Sing it to someone.
  70. Post it on YouTube so we all can see it! ;-D
  71. Brush your cat.
  72. Comb your dog.
  73. Tutor someone.
  74. Barter something you do well for something you want.
  75. Call someone just to gossip.
  76. Call someone else just to say hello.
  77. Write down all your important numbers by the phone.
  78. Create an emergency plan.
  79. Make a list of things needed for an emergency kit.
  80. Save empty 2L plastic soda bottles. Fill with water.
  81. Make a sewing kit for your purse. Put in film canister, whatever your have.
  82. Find a new use for an old thing.
  83. Take an afternoon off to be silly.
  84. Let the kids cook dinner. PB & J counts!
  85. Make a honey do list.
  86. Ask him/her nicely to do one thing.
  87. Reward him/her with a massage!
  88. Give your feet a massage.
  89. Push the SuperLucky Button and win PayPal gift cards for free.
  90. Sleep in late.
  91. Create a wish list.
  92. Clear your desk.
  93. Cancel any subscriptions you no longer need.
  94. Make homemade play dough.
  95. Make homemade bubbles with dish soap.
  96. Make homemade soup with leftovers.
  97. Help a neighbor.
  98. Find that lost sock.
  99. Earn free Amazon Gift Cards on your Android phone with Swag Bucks SBTV mobile app.
  100. Write a blog post.
  101. Thank a stranger. Thank you!! for reading this list.

Feel free to use the contact button above or tweet @valeriesweeps with more of your favorite free activities. I just might add them to a later list with a link to you!

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