24 April 2012

Back at Jingit

I fell in love with Jingit when the rewards program first began. I was easily able to reach my weekly maximum earning limit and transfer it to my Jingit Card just by watching ads. It was my coffee and treat fund. Then the program took some time off and was slated to come back in March 2012. Now in late April, they have finally shown some life.

First of all, they have curl ads currently at walmart.com. Today ALONE I was able to reach my weekly limit just by clicking on those ads and watching the short videos! Second, they have raised the weekly limits. You can make $10 each week and get a $0.25 increase for each referral up to $15 maximum. Third, you can use the mobile app to check-in and watch ads.

sample jingit curl ad at walmart.com

There are a few things important things to consider to determine if Jingit is right for you. First, they are still in Beta phase, and will be offering more ways to earn cash in the future. Second, you MUST sign up through your Facebook account (while they are in Beta at least). Third, and most importantly, you get paid via a reloadable Visa Debit Card issued by US Bank, or you can buy music.me downloads with your Jingit balance. I have received my Jingit debit card and have used it several times with zero problems. There is a one-time fee to get the card and it is super easy to transfer your Jingit cash or check your balance right on the website. I highly recommend reading the FAQ's on the Jingit website before signing up to answer any questions or concerns.

So even though the mobile app is NOT compatible with my phone,  I have still made great $$$ with Jingit and look forward to doing so in the future. I hope they continue to offer more ways to earn cash, and continue with what made them great in the first place: the home page ads.

If this sounds like a program for you, sign up at Jingit today and be sure to get those ads at walmart.com while they last!

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