03 March 2012

Book It Twitter

Did you know that Twitter is one of the best places to win free books on the internet? I love a good book and have won several over the past few months through simple giveaways on Twitter.

books all won on twitter!

How to Win Free Books on Twitter
  1. First, follow the publishers who do the giveaways. Check out my Book Giveaways list at Twitter of the publishers and authors I follow. Feel free to start following them yourself or start Twitter searching for your favorites!
  2. Now that you are following some publishers start to look for the giveaways! Some publishers do weekly giveaways, like every Friday, and others do spontaneous or 'flash' giveaways. Look for Tweets such as 'The next 5 people to RT (retweet) this message win a copy of THIS AMAZING BOOK!' or 'RT this by 5PM to win a copy of YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR'S AWESOME NEW BOOK!' Some require a bit more work such as answering a question, but they take very little effort. The hardest part is not missing the giveaway tweet. Check your Twitter feed often.
  3. Join Goodreads. There are dozens of giveaways at Goodreads! You can also keep track of what you are reading and see what your friends are reading. You can post reviews for more chances to win free books too. It is free to join. The publishers link to their own giveaways at Goodreads on Twitter too! Follow @goodreads as well on Twitter.
  4. Look for more giveaways on blogs. Publishers will link to bloggers who are also doing giveaways. If you like book reviews start doing them on your blog. Be sure to send a link to the author and publisher. You just might be chosen for future ARC's (Advance Reading Copies) to do more giveaways! 
  5. Several of these same rules apply to Facebook! Start liking the fan pages of your favorite publishers and you could be winning on both.

If you like a certain genre of books, such as children's literature to win books for your kids, then start using Twitter search to find their favorite authors and publishers! If you are unsure if a certain Twitter account does giveaways, send them a Tweet and ask. They probably do! In addition to physical books, several Twitter accounts list free Kindle books. Use the wonderful Twitter search and start filling your virtual bookshelf as well! 

I have to give a shout out to Lisa on Twitter who introduced me to the wonderful world of Twitter Book Giveaways. Thank you Lisa!

Have you won any books on Twitter? Do you have any more tips for us avid readers? Share in the comments below!

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